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    The Last Outlaw
    The Last Outlaw
    Head Administrator
    Head Administrator
    Location : Salem, Oregon
    Gender : Male
    Posts : 2880 Zodiac Sign : Aquarius Age : 47 Birthday : 1976-02-07
    Join date : 2018-05-25
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    PostThe Last Outlaw Wed May 11, 2022 12:55 pm

    rSlash Super Post HpFK2

    They Want to TRADE HOUSES With Me!





    1.  Family Abandons Their Dog But Wants to Visit

    2.  Entitled Mother Demands I Let Her Kid Color on My Book

    3.  [FEATURED] My Parents Want to Trade Houses Then Steal My Stuff

    Full Time Artist Job!  Pay: 9 Cents/Hour



    SYNOPSIS: “I PAY $0.09/HOUR”


    1.  Room for Rent with Crazy Restrictions

    2.  Executives Can’t Afford to Wait

    3.  [FEATURED] Furry Art Slave

    4.  Furry Person is Being Very Cheap

    5.  According to a CB, Your Easter Donations Are Not Enough

    6.  Buy Furniture for Me

    7.  Pay for My Honeymoon

    8.  Less Than a Mile is Too Far Away

    9.   Box Reseller

    10.  The Prize is to Paint a Roof for Free

    11.  Be a Handyman/Caretaker and Pay Rent for the Privilege

    12.  How Dare You Sell a TV You Got in a Raffle

    Follow Policy?  OK!  Thanks for the $21,000!



    SYNOPSIS: “YOU COST ME $21,000!”


    1.  Lying Boss Gets Caught

    2.  Minimum Wage Increase is Not a Raise But It Counts According to This Boss

    3.  Getting Creative with Sick Days in a Work From Home World

    4.  Put My Food in This Bag Right Now

    5.  No Shorts Dress Code Compliance

    6.  How About a Kilt

    7.  You Are Not Medically Qualified

    8.  Pronouncing an Obvious Death without Qualification

    Am I The A**hole for Not Letting My Boyfriend Steal My House?





    1.  Will I Be the A**hole for Calling the Police on My Boyfriend After He Let His Brother and His Family Live in My Holiday Home without My Permission? (My Boyfriend Let His Whole Family Stay at My Vacation House without Permission)
    A**hole Scores  OP:  0/5    Boyfriend:  4/5    Boyfriend’s Family: 4/5 (if they knew)/1/5 (if they didn’t know)

    2.  Am I the A**hole for Laughing Hysterically After My Husband Called Me “Housewife” and Embarrassing Him In Front of Co-Workers? (Husband Put in His Place)
    A**hole Scores  OP:  0/5    Husband:  1.5/5

    3.  Am I the A**hole for Evicting My Sister and Her Daughters After They Hid My Wife’s Wig and Embarrassed Her? (Extremely Rude House Guests Get Evicted)
    A**hole Scores  OP and Wife:  0/5    Sister and Twin Daughters:  3/5

    4.  Am I the A**hole for Telling my Brother-in-Law That I Wouldn’t Sleep with Him Even if My Life Depended on It In Front of His Family and Friends? (Brother-in-Law Gets Embarrassed In Front of His Family)
    A**hole Scores  OP:  0/5    Brother-in-Law:  2/5

    5.  Am I the A**hole for Throwing Out My Husband’s Dinner After He Went to Eat at His Mom’s House? (Husband Constantly Goes to His Mommy’s for Dinner)
    A**hole Scores  OP:  0/5    Husband and Mother-in-Law:  2/5

    My Husband Is Getting Secret $1,000 “Massages”





    1.  Am I the A**hole for What I Said After My Husband Commented on My Flat Chest? (Rude Guy Judges His Wife’s Body and Another Woman)
    A**hole Scores  OP:  0/5    Husband:  3.5/5

    2.  Am I the A**hole for Using My Husband’s Money to Pay for My Daughter’s Apple iPhone That He Broke? (Guy Breaks Daughter’s iPhone and Gets Mad He Has to Pay for Another)
    A**hole Scores  OP & Daughter:  0/5    Husband:  5/5 (Well-Deserved)

    3.  Am I the A**hole for Demanding My Husband to Pay Me the $1,000 He Spent Behind My Back? (Husband Gets Caught Spending Money Behind His Wife’s Back)
    A**hole Scores  OP:  0/5    Husband:  2.5/5

    4.  Am I the A**hole for Not Carrying on My Family’s Tradition? (Not Carrying on Family Tradition)
    A**hole Scores  OP:  0/5    Mom:  2/5

    5.  Am I the A**hole for Getting Upset at My Girlfriend for Giving My Mom a Tattoo? (Guy Thinks He Has a Say in What His Mom Does)
    A**hole Scores  OP:  2/5    Everyone Else:  0/5

    rSlash Super Post Ro5An
    rSlash Super Post OPVAG.mdrSlash Super Post

    UFC Fight Night 192: Smith vs. Spann

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