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Welcome to Bethea's Byte. If you are a member, please sign in and participate. If you are not a member, please sign up and join the conversation. We'd love to hear from you.
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    My Dream Diary!

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    PostNaiwen Mon Nov 12, 2018 12:36 pm

    My 2nd Entry : My 2nd Muggle-born Harry Potter Dream!

    I'm keeping my own dream diary on my therapist's suggestion because I have lucid dreams all the time and I do remember them all after I wake up.

    It had been a Harry Potter dream again. This time, without any name. But I remember clearly I had been a Muggle-born. I had in my early childhood gone to a Muggle elementary school in which I had been bullied. But it had turned out that the bully had always had a crush on me. So the day I had been disappeared to the wizarding world, he had come to investigate me. I had shown him my world and at the end, he had adopted me because my parents had rejected me for being “strange”.

    So yeah, that had been my dream last night. My personal interpretation : like the main character in my dream, I had been bullied in elementary and crushed on. Maybe I had felt rejected and shunned by all my mates then as she had. Maybe I’m dreaming about a better family life. That’s bottom line, my own interpretation on it. I’m no expert in dream interpretations, but that’s just how I feel about it from my own life experiences. So yeah.
    Posts : 594
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    PostNaiwen Mon Nov 12, 2018 12:47 pm

    3rd Entry : A Pharaoh's Mistress

    I have those weird but fascinating dreams once in awhile there. I had once dreamed about being an Egyptian's Pharaoh favorite mistress or concubine. He had loved me above all his other wives and even empress. He had been once an evil ruler, a dictator. But thanks to his love for me, he had changed for the better.

    Now this dream I had like a good while ago. Still dunno why I had it. But I do remember it even after some months ago. Maybe it's because I'm craving to make a difference into someone's life that I dream about them. But yeah, I don't have crazy ideas about being a ruler or something.

    My dreams are generally this fascinating and I'm never bored even asleep because they shift and blur one after the other. It has to do maybe with the stuff I'm watching in my days so yeah. I enjoy mainly sci-fi and fantasy, that might be why.
    Posts : 594
    Join date : 2018-11-06
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    PostNaiwen Tue Nov 13, 2018 2:18 pm

    My Dream Diary : My 4th Entry : My Meteor Garden 2018 and Harry Potter Dream

    Today’s will be on my dream last night. Had been watching “Meteor Garden 2018” yesterday, and had dreamed about it last night. Wish to jot it down to let it out.

    Firstly, I had been Shan Cai, the female protagonist in the Chinese tv series that I had watched in my day. I had dreamed that Dao Ming Si, the male protagonist had begun antagonizing me at first. And after, slowly falling head over heals with me. 2nd, I had gone to Hogwarts, had a letter announcing to me that I’m a Muggle-Born witch. To actually appease him, I had finally after going to Hogwarts and starting my training as a Witch, written him a farewell letter explaining to him that I’m fine, just that he and I belong to 2 different worlds.

    I think it’s clear why I had this dream. I’m obsessed with this series, the anime, the Korean, Japanese and Chinese versions. Had seen them all, even the anime. That’s why I had this dream. I think I’m dreaming to be the heroine in the series and because many guys have fallen passionately for me and I not for them, thence why I had my dream last night. Had been a sweet reminiscence this morning after I had woken up.
    Posts : 594
    Join date : 2018-11-06
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    PostNaiwen Wed Nov 21, 2018 11:00 am

    My 5th Entry : My Jade Palace Lockheart 2 Dream

    Last night I had another lucid dream I’d like to recount to you guys. I have these fascinating dreams about things I watch, games I play, books I read and even the music I listen to in my day. This is last night’s dream :

    I had been Qing Chuan, the female protagonist in the “Jade Palace Lockheart part 1” Chinese TV series I had enjoyed a while ago. Not sure why it had popped up in my dreams last night. She had traveled back in time in the Qing dynasty China some 300-400 years ago and 3 princes had fallen for her. Anyways, for the show’s 2nd part, I had dreamed that the 4th prince who had been head over heals in love with me in the show’s 1st part, had used shamanism and sorcery to travel in the future to meet me again. But the twist is that I had already been married to the 8th prince whom I had brought to my time. But yeah, he hadn’t been used to my time’s challenges, thus he had gone back to his time. But I had given birth to his son in his time, thus he had been left to raise our princess daughter alone. This hadn’t been in the show.

    My personal interpretation on this : I think I had enjoyed this show a little too much and I enjoy time traveling dramas way too much too. Anyways, it had been a weird but intriguing dream. When I had woken up, I had remembered all the details about it. I think it’s because I’ve been watching way too many times, lol! Anyways, hope you enjoy my dream diary today.

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